Monday, 5 May 2014

Picnic Themed Playroom (of course it's in pink!)

The Tree House Room

Inspired by his request of a tree house, we put his room on the upper floor at the nearest spot with the tree. It contains two levels: Level 1 - Bedroom, Level 2 - Upper terrace. He can climb the iron stairs to the upper terrace and hangout with his friends there.

I made the head bed with one unused glass door. Painted it with geometrical white stripes resemblance  the tree branches.

Collect some of his belongings, choose the most decorative, got this aesthetic values which fit with the room concept in particular. Of course at first we have to ask him his favorite color. Yes, BLUE it is.

So it's a blue tree room? 

 lead us to the room' upper terrace.

With The Red Cherry on Top

At first we want these ramp' handrails to be exposed in basic coating only. But now we want to add some spirit on it by splash some happy red.

Since it's already coated, I find it quite easy to paint it by my self with brush.
Well there's some spots here and there but overall I managed to make it quite clean and sleek.

Then we have this striking red handrails, cheerfully greeting everyone over.

Friday, 2 May 2014

Paint The Wall with The Kids

At first, I didn't have a plan to paint the terrace wall at all, but I did  have some left over white paint that I could use here, so here we go...

This time The Kids, my daughter and niece, decided to help out. 

It was fun and we're yelling and screaming and singing....

FUN ^^