Saturday, 28 December 2013

#JHouse Magazine Coverage: Behind The Scenes

A couple of months ago, we had Indesign Indonesia, an Australian based architecture and design magazine, call and visit us here in #JHouse. They want to do the article about #JHouse architecture and interior design, such honor!

Then we have to do pretty hectic preparations for the photo shoots with some supports from family and friends. 

His parents, both are respected painters AD Pirous and Erna Garnasih Pirous, lend us some of their amazing paintings (and at the end they gave us one precious painting for our master bedroom, yippee...), my Mom, Laksmi Siregar, the senior architect, my inspiration, send people to help us out with the furniture and the house cleaning (Thanks, Mom!), my friend Tina from ToiMoi sent their upbeat collection to add the ones we already have, splash some strong fun and fresh pop style to the house interior (bear hugs!)

And for this, I dedicated some weekends (and nights) to paint the outer side of Mahesh room white. Paint it all by myself! Of course with some help from Mahesh and Alana, the cousin who lives at the next house. I also make over some tables with wood paint in white and black.

The preparations done in two weeks and the photo shoots that came after finished only two hours!

Thanks to Sunthy from Indesign Indonesia with her effort to write such a beautiful article. Reaaally LOVE the poetic title: Bare Warmth. 

Such coolness!


  1. Mira, suka banget gaya rumah elo! Keep on sharing yah... Look forward for your updates :)