Saturday, 28 December 2013

Koperasi Sejati Mulya

We have one favorite place to do groceries shopping nearby called Koperasi Sejati Mulya. It located on Jl. Ragunan, Jatipadang, South Jakarta, around 5 minutes by car or angkot from our home.

The place is small but packed with everything we need and the people there are so friendly, way different than semi-robotic-people-with-no-smile in mini market/supermarket chain that scattered around Jakarta.

Somehow this place also reminds me of Kem Chicks, Kemang, in their earlier days, simple and warm, when the only thing I bought back then were only eggs.

We can get almost anything of our daily needs here in Koperasi Sejati Mulya, from detergent to wok, from banana to cosmetics. We rarely over spent here, almost always can keep the weekly budget safe.

They also have cool dessert snack place, half of it are Indonesian traditional snacks like klepon, cenil, arem-arem, lemper, etc, So I can proudly served the guests with these mouthwatering delicacy whenever I need.

We think that Jakarta should have more koperasi like this and less mini markets.

(to be continued)

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  1. Wah, nanti di alamat baru gw, semoga ada grocery store seperti ini ya. Btw jadi inget Kem Chicks juga, bener banget bahwa kalo dulu suasana dan layanan stafnya hangat dan perhatian banget. Gw bisa dibantuin bawa keranjang rotannya karena berat dan bantu hitung uang (saat belajar belanja sendiri) hahahahaaa...