Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Among #JHouse First Guests

What's a house without warmth?

Last weekend, we invited some of our BFFs to the #JHouse.
Actually it's not too easy for me to decide who the special (among the firsts) guest(s) would be since the house itself is still in the state of chaotic situation. The person should be one of my closests who understand me more than my own Mom (sigh yeah I know)

And after I put names on my imaginary list, there's only few that I feel like inviting over to have simple lunch and talk. Then I chose Iza since we're chatting like crazy for the last couple of weeks over some matters.

Then Iwan also invited one of his BFFs over and Oncel came up on our list since Iza and Oncel been friends since forever.

So, we had this great lunch and talk...

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